Judy Ford: Living in Every Day Love

Judy Ford, a trained therapist with heart, soul and life experience, has had her practice for over 25 years. Her expertise is in empowering individuals and couples to be the best person and partner they can be. With a particular interest in helping children in all kinds of settings—from inner city gang turf to crisis intervention in hospitals—Ford wrote books on the subject including Wonderful Ways to Love a Child, and with her daughter Amanda Ford, Between Mother and Daughter: A teenager and her mom share secrets of a strong relationship. Over one million copies of Ford’s 10 books have been sold. Join Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio host Dr. Chizoma Cluff Nosiri as she interviews Judy Ford.

Judy Ford

Find out more about Judy Ford and her book "Every Day Love" by going to www.judyford.com.