Nicole C. Mullen: Captivated

Few artists in any genre of music possess a more diverse resume than Nicole C. Mullen. From her early days as a background vocalist/dancer/choreographer to writing and recording such classic hits as “Redeemer” to mentoring young women through her Baby Girls Club, Mullen’s creativity and compassion have fueled a life of ministry that has had global impact. Whether working to help free the Trokosi slaves in Ghana or penning signature songs for other artists---such as the Jaci Velasquez hit “On My Knees”---Mullen has long channeled her considerable energy into not just sharing the gospel, but living it. Her passion for God has never burned brighter than on “Captivated,” a new collection of worship songs produced by Ed Cash. Join Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio host Dr. Chizoma Cluff Nosiri as she interviews Nicole C. Mullen.

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Find out more about Nicole C. Mullen by going to and get her latest album "Captivated".

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  1. Nicole, thank you for joining us on Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio. Your music and the words to your songs have blessed so many people and continuously inspires all to grow closer to the Lord. Your album "Captivated" is such an amazing album full of praise to God. Thank you for your music and please continue to be an instrument in the hands of the Lord.

    with much Esteem,

    Chizoma Cluff
    Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio Host