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Brenda Jones felt as if her world had ended when she was diagnosed with breast cancer back in October 2008. Being forced to put on on a drab, generic, embarrassing traditional hospital gown every time she went in for treatment only made the experience worse. Fed up with "drab" hospital gowns while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, Brenda Jones learned how to sew and created her own. Now, her "Hug Wraps" bring joy to patients all over the world. Join Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio host Chizoma Cluff as she interviews owner of HugWraps Brenda Jones, as they talk about her products that helps patients wear something loader than cancer.

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Brenda Jones


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  1. We want to thank Brenda Jones for joining us on Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio. Brenda your HugWraps are an amazing way to express love and support. We love your products and love its message. We know that through your HugWraps many women can find comfort, while they gain strength and overcome any sickness they may face.

    with much Esteem,

    Chizoma Cluff
    Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio Host