Debbie Sardone: Cleaning For A Reason Organization

Cleaning for A Reason Organization is making a difference one home at a time. It is known as the foundation that cleans homes for women with cancer. Join host Chizoma Cluff as she interviews Debbie Sardone, founder of the grassroots non-profit Cleaning For A Reason. Debbie Sardone owns several cleaning related businesses, including a million dollar Maid Service in Texas and SPEEDCLEANING.COM which offers household cleaning products and equipment.To date Cleaning For A Reason Organization has helped over 4500 women receive over $1.4 million dollars worth of free housecleaning. It has helped over 4,000 women receive the gift of free housecleaning. It has recruited over 800 maid services to provide these free services.

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Debbie Sardone
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