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Our History Is Our Strength! Listen to the on demand episode as Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio host Chizoma Cluff interviews Rebecca Hollingsworth who is the Director of Youth Outreach and Education for the National Women’s History Project, a non-profit organization, originator of Women's History Month. National Women’s History Project is recognized as the catalyst, content provider, and behind-the-scenes director of a myriad of activities promoting women as leaders and influential forces in our society. For over 40 years, Mrs. Hollingsworth has worked to empower others to experience self determination as the true expression of the American Dream. She is also the Executive Director of Harlow Girls, PPF, a private multi-generational philanthropic organization dedicated to promoting activism in social justice and ecoliteracy.

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Rebecca Hollingsworth

Listeners can learn more about The National Women’s History Project by going to

Also learn more about Harlow Girls, PPF by going to

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  1. We like to thank Rebecca Hollingsworth for joining us on Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio. Rebecca thank you for your words of encouragement for each and every one of us to embrace our history and learn of the women who have done so much to build a wonderful world for us today. As we celebrate women who have paved the way in history, we salute women who are paving the way today. Happy Women's History Month!

    with much Esteem,

    Chizoma Cluff
    Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio Host