Ingredients to Successful Parenting

All parents face challenges that can leave them stressed and spinning into emotional reactivity. Am I being too restrictive or too permissive? How can I get my child to listen? How can I get my child to do as I ask? Join Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio host Chizoma Cluff as she interviews visionary guide, trainer, and family coach, Connie Allen. Connie has a Master of Arts degree in Psychology. She is the Founder and Executive Director of Joyous Family Coaching. Connie will discuss her book Joyous Child Joyous Parent and share insights on the ingredients of creating truly joyous relationships with children of all ages and how to help all children flourish as happy, successful people.

Connie Allen has always been passionate about bringing forth the free expression of the joyous inner spirit in others and herself. She nurtures emotional wholeness in young people to empower them to let their light shine brightly in life. She delights in teaching parents how to read the manual their child and students came with and to find the joy and ease in relating with children.

Connie challenges parents to first look their own behavior to evaluate whether it supports them and their child. She then provides specific actions parents can take to nurture their own emotional well-being and that of their child. By focusing on their own behavior, parenting stresses diminish.

Joyous Child Joyous Parent encourages parents to see their child as a naturally creative, capable, loving individual who wants to succeed in life and to have a joyous, loving connection with their parent. It asks parents to recognize and nurture their child s innate knowing, and to become increasingly mindful of their shared communications. By working with the 60 guidelines, both parent and child move toward a more joyous, loving, fun relationship.

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