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Strength and endurance are key components to every successful goal we achieve in life. With exercise the strength and endurance you gain can impeccably affect the way you live and enable you to reach your goals. Having the strength and endurance to succeed in your exercise goals and achieve other goals you set your mind on gives you mental, physical, and emotional control to overcome any obstacle that may come your way. Learn how you can gain the strength and endurance to achieve your physical exercise goals and succeed in any life journey you take. Tune in as Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio host Chizoma Cluff interviews Tanya Maslach of GOTRIbal to discuss strength, endurance, empowerment, and the GOTRIbal organization. The GOTRibal organization was created to empower women and connect women through the journey of endurance sports. We will also discuss how to gain the motivation and zeal to achieve your exercise goals and how GOTRIbal’s tribes and events can help you become a more healthier, happier, and confident woman. To find out more about GOTRIbal go to http://www.gotribalnow.com

With salt water running through her veins, Tanya
Maslach became a marine biologist and traveled to oceans, tide pools and marshes around the country after college. Then, during her 2nd professional career as a leadership development coach, she found herself in Hawaii swimming with a fish of a different species: incredibly fast women triathletes. As a collegiate swimmer, she was content doing master’s workouts with them in the evenings, but said no thanks to doing triathlon. Normally not one to bend to peer pressure, Tanya finally relented when her girlfriends promised unconditional support to help her just get out and try one. Eight years, and with the original mindset and inspiration that her girlfriends gifted to her, Tanya founded GOTRIbal, the company was named for the collective power and influence that TRIbes carry. Built on the three things she believes are missing in the world of endurance sports for women; humility, inclusivity and a Nordstrom-like-service orientation, GOTRIbal aims to be the most energizing resource that empowers and connects women endurance athletes around the world.

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