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Starting a business and or owning a business could be an overwhelming venture. Whether you are considering starting your own business or striving to push your business forward, it can be difficult and overwhelming. However, with motivation and determination you can become proactive about accomplishing your business goals, and with support and guidance you can learn strategies to build your success. Certified marketing coach and business consultant Bria Simpson, who has appeared on Fox News, Martha Stewart XM, Redbook, Newsday, and many other publications, joins Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio host Chizoma Cluff to discuss proven strategies on implementing great business plans. Bria will share with us the different ways to start a business with confidence and esteem, and what drives the success of a business. She will also give us some tips on how to build improve, and have a successful business and much more. You can learn more about Bria Simpson and her services by visiting

Bria Simpson, a certified business and marketing coach, has owned four businesses, served as a business consultant and coached for 8 years. Bria Simpson and her husband Mark together own Excelerated Success, LLC. Mark Simpson has owned three businesses, including one he grew into a multi-million dollar company, as well as a current online business. Together, they are the "Dynamic Duo of Business Coaching" helping entrepreneurs and small businesses vastly accelerate their growth, with ease, so they can enjoy the life and the freedom they desire.

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