Anastasia Nosiri - Service: The Ultimate Blessing

Service can be seen as virtues of charity and humility. Service is also one way of realizing the blessings we have. Blessings that many times we take for granted. Cultivator for charitable works, a service project creator, and a humanitarian - Anastasia Nosiri joins Esteem Yourself BlogTalkRadio host Chizoma Cluff to discuss service, the need to give service, learning to serve willingly, and the act of service through physical labor. We'll also discuss what service truly means, different service projects, ways you can get involved in your own community and global service projects, and how to build yourself through serving others.

Anastasia Nosiri has been working with women in charitable service projects for the past 17 years. Some of her service projects included working with organizations such as So Others Might Eat, DC Central Kitchen, several nurse homes in the Washington DC metropolitan area, women shelters, homeless shelters. She also is the Event Planner & Service Coordinator for Esteem Yourself E-magazine. She has coordinated enormous service projects including "Diaper Cakes for Pregnant Women in the Military", literacy programs to help others enhance their reading and written skills. Anastasia continues to be a strong force in the implementation of humanitarian aid service projects.

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